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When you receive a traffic ticket, you are essentially being issued a summons to appear in court because you have been accused of violating one or more Texas traffic laws. Many people do not understand that they have specific rights and available courses of action aside from simply paying the fine, and legally admitting guilt. You have the right to defend yourself against the charges and confront the accusing officer. You are entitled to representation by a San Antonio traffic ticket lawyer with the experience and qualifications to defend your rights in a court of law.

What may seem like a minor traffic violation can lead to consequences that are far more serious that you may have imagined. Many moving violations are more than just simple citations and are classified as criminal offenses. If you fail to take care of your traffic tickets, you may have a warrant issued for your arrest and your driver's license may susceptible to suspension or revocation. 

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Initially, it may seem easier to just pay the ticket fine and get it over with. Unfortunately, by paying the ticket, you are admitting guilt and a conviction will appear on your driving record. These convictions are what can cause your insurance payments to go up and multiple convictions can even cause your license to be suspended. 

Traffic ticket defense attorney Ronald Ramos will use his vast experience and knowledge of traffic law to fight your charges. The ultimate goal of fighting is to have your tickets dismissed or reduced to lessen the effects they have on your driving record. Legal representation by a traffic ticket lawyer is vital as most people are not well equipped to navigate the complex legal system. Ron has the experience to prepare your case, discuss it with a judge or prosecutor, and question a police officer to obtain you the most favorable outcome  

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